Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Uber traffic circles

In Seattle, there are ‘traffic circles’ in the middle of many ‘uncontolled intersections’ where two non-arterials—side-streets—meet where there are also no stop signs or traffic lights. You must drive around the traffic circle

These traffic circles are very good. Where they have been installed, they reduce accidents by 97%.

Up on Capital Hill, between Fifteenth Avenue East and Nineteenth Avenue East, between Aloha Street and John Street, there are traffic circles, but instead of merely being a landscaped circle in the middle of the intersection, these traffic controlling breaks in the road go from corner to kitty corner, diagonally through the intersection.

These are better.

(For the nervous-nellies reading this, they leave enough room for fire trucks, cops and ambulances to get through, if a bit roughly.)

Not only do these Uber Traffic Circles slow down everyone but they virtually eliminate people driving through the neighborhood as a shortcut---as they used to. The onliest reason for driving here to go here. People can still drive home, deliveries are made, emergency vehicles can get through, but oh, what a change a few curbs, a little dirt and a couple of trees make.

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