Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ban pay-per-ride trucking

If you are a logging truck and get a hundred bucks for every load that you deliver to the yard in Tacoma, what are you going to do?

Drive like a bat out of hell, of course.

If you get down to Tacoma fifteen minutes faster on every run, you may be able to squeeze in another run into the day. Another hundred bucks for you.

We need to outlaw ‘pay-per-run’ trucking.

There needs to be a word invented for a conviction that you know something without one shred of evidence to back it up. I am convinced that some of the worst accidents on the freeway are these truckers racing to squeeze one more run into the day. I am also convinced that even if there are no accidents attributable to truckers trying to squeeze in one more, the practice of paying per run for truckers must be abolished by law.

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